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Edwin Elia

a Front-End Engineer, UX/UI Designer


Edwin who? Little explanation about the guy behind the site.


Read about what is on my mind. Blogging about Front-End Engineering, UI/UX Design, and nerdy stuff


How about some music? Edwin arranges his own music

From the blog

Finishing Coding Bootcamp Soon: What Now?

Image designed by Freepik 2014 was the year of self improvement for me. It was an iterative approach on improving myself, pivoting to become a Front End Engineer. I have succeeded in that goal. I went through bootcamps, created projects, interviewed at many different...

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JavaScript Promises: An Intro

Pizza Promises A fourth-grade student has a Math test every Wednesday morning. The teacher grades the tests on her lunch break and returns the graded tests to the students in the afternoon, so they can bring the results home to their parents every Wednesday after...

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12 Websites That Are Using White Space Beautifully

Earlier this month, we looked at the 4 things all good web designers know about white space. In my blog post, I discussed the message that white space can convey about brand positioning. Particularly, white space communicates an air of luxury and status. Viewers...

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6 Tips to Help You Become a Better Front-End Developer

Front-end development is continuously evolving. Think back to ten years ago; sure, we still use JavaScript and CSS just as we did in 2005, but plenty has changed over that span of time. The aesthetics of webpages have been refined, as have their functionality. And...

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The Z-Layout: Understanding Its Role in Web Design

Nowadays, a website is the most important marketing tool for the majority of businesses, organizations, and professionals. Simply put, a website is the face of the brand and is often times the first interaction with the brand that many potential clients will have....

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