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One of the main advantage of attending bootcamps are the idea of mentorship. At Thinkful, you are assigned a mentor, and have a weekly 30 minutes session using Google Hangout. What is the importance of it?

Programming is hard. When you think you get the hang of it, there’s another thing that will stump you, or a new technology came out that you need to learn. The knowledge base is huge and constantly changing. For someone just getting started, they first need to learn about syntax. But once they know about the syntax, how are they going to use it in a bigger picture? Think about learning a new language. You learn new vocabularies, but you also need to learn about sentence structure, or different idioms. This is where having a mentor will help you tremendously. The mentor can give you pointers on best practices in the industry in how to structure your code, tips and tricks, or give you a different perspective on things that may not come across your mind during the learning stage.

Mentors are critical for your success in all areas. If you look at any success guides, almost always there will be advice on getting a mentor. It is the same thing in programming. You need mentors to guide you in your learning and getting caught up with the industry’s standards.

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